Tommy’s Keys To Happiness

It’s important to understand that happiness is a feeling brought on by positive emotions. When your emotions are affected, one way or the other, this can determine whether you are happy for the short or long-term. In order to get those emotions under control, there are certain things that will need to be done in your life that will create positive emotions, which in turn will breed feelings of happiness. With that being said, below you’re going to find seven areas of your life that will need to be monitored on a consistent basis. Where there is trouble, it’ll be important to make corrections, which will create more stability, and in turn feelings of happiness.

Lose the Chaos

Chaos is a killer when it comes to positive emotions. If you have chaos in your life, your sense of well-being is threatened, which can put you on an emotional roller coaster. This type of lifestyle does not breed happiness. Just as if the day is always cloudy with little glimpses of sunshine, this is how happiness comes into your life. In order to clear those clouds away, you will need to identify the chaotic situations that are happening in your life and deal with them accordingly.

Communicate Your Feelings

Are you a person that has a hard time communicating their feelings? If you do, then chances are you’re probably suppressing feelings because you are either unable or unwilling to communicate how you feel to another individual, whether a loved one or a family member. It’s important to understand that if you have important feelings that have been suppressed, they will typically present themselves at times that are more than inconvenient. You will need to make sure that you try your best to communicate your feelings as they become available. If you don’t, it will be very hard to experience true happiness for the short or long-term.

Check Your Mood

Your mood is caused by a number of emotions. Guilt, hate, shame, revenge, love, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, surprise, fear and trust are all emotions that have something to do with your mood. Of course, some of these are good, but many of them are not so good. When checking your mood, you will need to look at each of these emotions as you become aware of them, and make the necessary corrections needed in order to turn an emotional bad experience into something more positive.

Handle Family Issues Promptly

Family issues are extremely touchy situations. It seems like family members, regardless of who they are, have the ability to push buttons that are totally invisible to anyone else. The work you’ll need to do in this area will be to be aware that something is wrong, and find out ‘inside yourself’ how you are allowing a family member to have power over your happiness. Find the buttons, make the corrections and happiness will follow.

Take Control of Outside Influences

Are you allowing outside issues to guide your life? Does the news on television determine your happiness? Is it something a fellow worker said? You see; outside influences have an extreme amount of power over our emotions and our happiness. However, this is only true if you allow outside influences to dictate your life. In order to take control in these areas, you will first need to become aware that this is happening, find out why these instances are affecting your emotions, make the corrections, and move on with your journey in seeking happiness.

Get Your Finances in Check

Finances are always a huge issue when it comes to your emotional well-being. Now it’s important to understand that the financial aspects of your life will not make you happy. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or don’t have. Happiness has absolutely nothing to do with materialistic objects. But it has everything to do with your emotional well-being. Your emotions can be stressed by the financial aspects of your life. If this portion of your life is out of control, your emotional well-being can be stressed, which eventually sends the wrong message when it comes to being happy. Get your finances under control, and feel the happiness follow.

Always Follow Your Passion

Everyone is passionate about something, so it will not be fair to say that you don’t have a passion. If you are passionate about anything in your life, follow your passion. This is something that drives you daily to do the things you do. If you don’t know what it is, find something to be passionate about and follow it with every fiber of your life. This will provide you with true happiness unlike anything you will ever experience.

It’s important to understand that true happiness resides within you and not on the outside of you. It’s also important to understand that life in general has a way of weighing down on a person’s emotions. Eventually, these emotions will determine how happy we can be at any given time. When these emotions are stabilized and controlled, we can then feel a true sense of happiness that is stable and lasts over the long-term.