Overcoming The Mental Inertia To The Attainment Of Desire

“There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.” (Napoleon Hill)

Do you sometimes find that the mere thought of the tasks you need to get done actually weary you? This weariness has the habit of leading to procrastination, which generates no desired results.

In addition to this ‘old man’ procrastination, there are other obstacles or challenges that may stand in the way of the attainment of your life dreams. These obstacles are those scary heart-throbbing visions that you see when you take your eyes and internal vision away from your goal and destination. They seem as overwhelming giants and often times they are real! You may identify with some of these, which are discussed below:

Lack of adequate education. This obstacle leads to a feeling of inadequacy to carry out the required action steps for the fulfilment of your dream. It is unwise to think that what is taught in schools is all the education that you need. You may bridge this lack by acquiring the relevant education or seeking out those people who possess what you need. This education must be practical and applicable to your pursuit.

Lack of focus. This results in the inability to develop your powers of concentration enough to think through the whole process, from the beginning to end. You may overcome this by persistence in your practice of focussing on a certain subject.

Indecision which paralyses action otherwise known as analysis paralysis. It has been said that successful people make decisions quickly and change them rarely, while unsuccessful people make decisions, if at all, very slowly and change them frequently. Once a firm decision has been made, then the adequate action steps may follow.

Refusal to listen or yield to counsel. Openness with all matters and topics proves your flexibility. I once heard the phrase, blessed are the flexible for they shall never be broken!

Greed and the desire to get rich quickly via unfamiliar schemes. Often times, greed causes you to do the wrong things, and may result in a loss of what already existed. Be content with what you planned to obtain and protect yourself from unknown risks as far as possible.

Fear of taking risks. All risks should be taken with adequate knowledge, but fear prevents one from taking any steps at all. Protecting yourself from unknown risk, does not insinuate that you insulate yourself from all risk!

Inability to create and/or maintain good relationships. No one is an island, and your success is linked to your associations. Secure and maintain peace with those around you and guard your relationships conscientiously.

Lack of adequate rest. A restful mind helps you to make sound decisions. Know your body and understand how it functions. It varies for people.

Giving in to the reluctance that shows up on your mind. I will not be sincere if I insinuated that I jumped and acted on every opportunity that I perceived. Often times, I have moved ahead with reluctance because I was used to my familiar territory. These action steps have generated some desired results.

Dreaming requires thinking what others will consider to be crazy, as your dream may not make sense until it is revealed. It did not make sense for Bill Gates to dream about 30 years ago, of a computer on any person’s desk, talk less of it being in a majority of homes as it is today. However, Bill took action in spite of the voices of naysayers and the obstacles that would have occurred in his mind.

I am sure that you can think of other obstacles that you may have faced personally or heard about. It is very rare to walk the path of life without some of these making their presence known. Be prepared to overcome them, and remember that nothing ventured is nothing gained!

To your dream’s accomplishment!