Do You Avoid Taking Risks in Life?

It is true that some people try to avoid taking any risk in life. They can only accomplish this by not acting on any proposition ever. There are many reasons for this, maybe they have low self esteem, maybe they have made bad decisions in the past. Whatever the reasons, you cannot live in the past, dwell on past mistakes or bad decisions for the remainder of your days.

Consider pulling the mistakes and bad decisions out in the open, the first step is to recognise that these issues exist, you then have an opportunity to deal with them. Start by thinking about these issues, writing them down is is a big step towards finding solutions to them.

Finance is usually a big one, there is not always enough cash to go around, you probably work long and hard at your place of work but appear to be standing still. In reality you are moving backwards, taxes increase steadily and stealthily and, the cost of living will continue to rise in line with the de-valuation of the pound in your pocket.

You will have to be very firm with yourself now, if you hide from this problem it will only get worse. Start planning to reduce your debt immediately, every pound extra that you pay off your credit cards will help to reduce your interest and outstanding balance, the same goes for your mortgage, check to see if your mortgage provider will allow higher payments to reduce the outstanding amount quicker.

Investigate opportunities where you work, they may have vacancies in areas that will allow you to earn more, or the opportunity to move up a rung or two. Don’t be afraid to ask, faint heart never won fair lady! Remember that everything is negotiable but you have to be persistent.

Maybe you have tried to earn some additional income, perhaps you have tried this on one to many occasions and feel fed up with things not working out for you. What ever area you are looking in, to make sure that you give yourself a better chance of success, do your research. If the business or offer you are looking into is reputable, they will have contact details, a privacy policy, terms and conditions and clear guarantees, it also helps to give credibility if bonafide merchant services are in evidence, for example World Pay or similar.

I don’t have a crystal ball but I can tell you that giving up is not the answer. You have to shake yourself off and continue looking and learning, you are worth the effort. Nothing worth having will come easily and you never know when a particular idea will pay off.

Hold your head up and take a deep breath, keep looking for the one idea or opportunity that will change your life around. Keep an open mind and dis-regard nothing until you have looked into it. Successful people follow the route of other successful people, keep that in mind, if something has worked for someone else it will work for you!

This message is for you to take notice of where your life is going, Good luck.