Advantages of Being Tall – Feel Good About Your Height

Being tall is a great attribute. It can be a help in life in many ways. In addition to the physical advantages of being tall there are also psychological benefits to being tall. Modern lifestyles generate much negativity and cause many people to feel bad about themselves – these could be financial pressures, relationship issues, family issues etc. Hence it’s more important to feel good about you, if you are tall – not everybody is!

If you are tall, you probably don’t even realize the physical advantages that you enjoy – you take them for granted. But think about the amount of times that a smaller person asked you to reach to the top shelf in a supermarket and hand it down to them. Think of those times at a sporting or theatre event when you stood three or four deep in a crowd and were able to look over the heads of those in front and enjoy the occasion.

However aside from the physical advantages of being tall, there are also those intangible benefits that should boost the self confidence of the taller person. This is especially important for tall teenagers, that they feel good about themselves and their stature, at a time in life when they need to feel emotionally secure. They possibly don’t realize that many of their smaller classmates and friends secretly wish they were a few inches taller. Being tall also makes the tall teenager feel more confident when it comes to the all important dating game and it’s generally of advantage in the college sporting arena as well.

Whilst there are disadvantages to being tall, the advantages far outweigh these. For a teenager, who needs to feel secure about their place in life, being tall is a reason they should feel good about themselves. For parents of tall kids, they should make every effort to ensure their kids see their height as a positive attribute and use this as a reason to build their self confidence during those early years.

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought and for further information on dealing with being tall, please refer to being tall.