1 Reason Why Knowledge Is Not Power

Quotes are inspiring… They get you to dream and use your imagination. They often nudge one to take action on there goals.

One of my favorite quote comes from napoleon hill stating “Knowledge is only Potential Power”

Think about that for just a moment… “Knowledge is only potential power” When I think of this quote to live by it makes me reflect on my journey as an entrepreneur. I have been receiving tons of information regarding Internet Marketing, Business Opportunities, Personal Development Material, Spirituality, and I Knew a lot about a lot of things.

One would say that knowledge is power, but if that was the case I should have been on of the most powerful of them all. What is really good about the quote to live by napoleon hill is that it strikes the balance between what we understood at first and what we understand now.

Knowledge is only powerful when you use it. Most people stop at just knowing how to do something but don’t take the initiative to actually do anything. One good example are people who want to lose weight. Most of the people in the United States know what they need to do to lose weight.

But they don’t do it. The method on how to lose weight will never change but the tools by which you lose weight seem to transform every month. You have the lap band, from a dumbbell that shakes in your hand to stimulate muscle tension as if your actually doing the exercise. You can’t get pass the fact that you have to consume less fat then you burn.

But people get excited and buy the new latest and greatest proven to get results. There is no lack of information but there is a lack of self discipline to apply the knowledge they already have. So knowledge becomes only potential power.

We are told many times knowledge is power. In school we are give the idea knowledge is power. But the real power is a self disciplined person that understands the value of applied knowledge.

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